This calligraphy pen and nib set gives you the tools needed to carry out delicate fine lines, lithography, crosshatching, alphabets, and uniform line drawings.

Includes two plastic pen holders and six nibs (four “B” Style Pen Nibs, one #100 Artist Nib, and one #512 Bowl Pointed Nib).

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This set of nibs and pen holders is ideal for cartoonists and artists looking to create fine line lithography cross-hatching alphabets.
Included in the set are two pen holders six nibs and an instruction booklet
Made in USA


Set features B style Pen Nibs (B1, B3, B5, B6 ) & 2 Pen Points (No.100 & 512 ) and 2 Pen Nib Holders.


Great for delicate fine lines, cross hatching, alphabets & uniform line drawings.


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