• Aluminum Casting Leak & Rust Free body for Easy Cleaning , Maintenance of Pug Mill
  • Robust Body for Mixing & Pugging of Clay
  • High Capacity Industrial Gear Box & Smooth Operation for Continuous Operation
  • Overload Protection System
  • Stainless Steel Augur & Shaft
  • Homogeneous  Mixing & Wedging of Clay 

This method is particularly great for artists working with finicky clay bodies such as porcelain,Earthenware – you will be able to easily make a homogenous claybody with a specific consistency on a regular basis!


( Do not advise to add water in the Pug Mill for Clay Preparation )

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Non De-airing - 300 kg - 3 phase - With Stand - 3" dia. 1414 89,000.00 instock 1
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Non De-airing - 100 kg - 1 phase - Table Top - 2" dia. 1412 61,000.00 instock 1
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Non De-airing - 300 kg - 1 phase - With Stand - 3" dia. 1413 93,000.00 84,000.00 onbackorder 0
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– Clay Bar Support Rollers  (Not in Table Top Model) 

– Aluminium Alloy Casting Body

– S.S 304 Shaft & Conveying Flights

– Fitted Gear Box with flange mounted Electric motor starter.

-Nozzle Cover with Clay Cutter 

– Input Hopper : 5″x5″  with Clay Pusher Bar Support 

– Extrude 99% de-air clay

– Fitted with lockable caster wheels for easy movement.

Non-deairing pugmills simply consolidate and extrude the clay without deairing it.

If you need clay that’s ready to throw without any further wedging, you’ll need a de-airing pug mill either as a standalone machine.

Deairing pugmills remove air from clay by passing through a vacuum while pugging.

 It’s high quality wedging and extruding capacity produces virtually air-free clay and increases clay workability.

Additional information


Non De-airing, De-airing


100 kg, 300 kg


1 phase, 3 phase


Table Top, With Stand

Extrusion Dia.

2" dia., 3" dia.

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