Why our Electric Kilns ?

  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Quick
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12”x12”x12” - Touch - 4 kw - 1 Cu Ft 1488 125,000.00 instock
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12”x12”x12” - Keypad - 4 kw - 1 Cu Ft 1487 118,000.00 instock
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16”x16”x18” - Touch - 6.5 kw - 2.37 Cu Ft 1489 165,000.00 onbackorder
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16”x16”x18” - Keypad - 6.5 kw - 2.37 Cu Ft 1490 160,000.00 instock
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18”x18”x20” - Touch - 9 kw - 3.75 Cu Ft 1491 210,000.00 instock
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18”x18”x20” - Keypad - 9 kw - 3.75 Cu Ft 1492 199,000.00 instock
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22"x22"x24" - Touch - 13 kw - 6.72 Cu Ft 1493 249,000.00 instock
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22"x22"x24" - Keypad - 13 kw - 6.72 Cu Ft 1494 235,000.00 onbackorder
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24”x24”x27” - Keypad - 17 kw - 9 Cu Ft REW12 265,000.00 outofstock 0
27”x27”x30” - Keypad - 18 kw - 10 Cu Ft REW12 280,000.00 onbackorder
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Benefits Our Electric of Kilns : (Made for Potters & Ceramics Artists )

  • Our Coils has high resistivity and very good oxidation resistance.
  • Coils has Good Tensile & Creep Strength with Thermal Conductivity & Excellent Heat Capacity.
  • Best in Industry Cables are using in our electric kilns.
  • No chance of Damaged your Kiln Control Panel while Fluctuating of Electricity(Safe Guard ).
  •  Proper Vents for Cooling System
  • Energy Efficient & Low Shrinkage Bricks Used in Kilns
  • Solid Super Strong Kiln Body with Door.
  •  Glass Viewing Hole
  • Orton Ceramics Foundation (USA)  Autofire Controller are using for More Features  (Touch Screen or Keypad )
  • No Heat Loss
  • Front Loading Kilns

 Cone-Fire programs: The controller provides quick selection of preset Cone programs from Cone 022 to Cone 12. These programs are designed specifically for ceramic firings that require specific heat-work. Every Cone-fire program allows the operator to set an optional hold time at the final heating temperature for additional heat-work if desired. Every cone-fire program also allows the operator to select an optional firing speed that can shorten or lengthen the firing time by 15 % to 30% for large or small kiln loads. Heat-work adjustments are automatically calculated and final firing temperatures are automatically determined by the controller based on actual kiln performance. This ensures the kiln firing will produce the perfect results even as the kiln ages and conditions change.

 Cone-Fire method: Select a preset program for a specific cone number from Cone 022 to Cone 12. These programs are designed specifically for ceramic firings.

  • User Program method: Create up to 25 custom firing schedules with unique heating target temperatures and hold times. This method can be used for ceramics, heat treating, glass fusing, enameling or jewelry applications.
  • Preheat – Use with Cone-Fire mode to slowly dry ware and hold the kiln at 80°C to remove moisture.
  • Speed adjustments – Use with Cone-fire mode to speed up or slow down a firing and to adjust for load size or thick pieces of ware.
  • Delay start – Use with either mode to delay start the kiln up to 50 hours.
  • Set-Point Control – User Program option to hold kiln at temperature indefinitely.
  • Full On / Full Off – User Program option to heat or cool the kiln as fast as possible.
  • Add Time – Add additional hold time to firings already in progress.
  • Back – Correct or make changes while programming without having to start over.
  • Program edit – User Program option to change the active program settings during the firing without having to stop and restart the controller.
  • Cone Offset – Use with Cone-Fire to adjust the firing temperature of the kiln by ±10°C to fine tune the controller to your kilns performance.
  • Skip – Skip ahead in the firing program
  • Alarm – Program an alarm to sound when a specific temperature is reached.
  • Thermocouple Offset – Adjust display temperature by as much as ±25°C to offset aging thermocouple(s).
  • Power Consumption – Review the calculated cost or Kilowatt usage of the kiln firing.

Display Messages and Information

  • Cone Table – Look up table for cone number temperatures.
  • Program Review – Review the current firing program before or during a firing.
  • Status – Display the current status and actual heating/cooling rates of the firing.
  • Temperature Units – Display Temperature in Centigrade (°C) Units

 Low Fire Cone Programs : Cones 022 to 011  (586°C to 875°C)        Firing Time: 3-5 Hours

Mid Fire Cone Programs : Cones 010 to 01    (871°C to 1178°C)      Firing Time: 7-9 Hours

High Fire Cone Programs: Cones 1 to 12      (1137°C to 1306°C)   Firing Time: 10-12 Hours

 Packing: Packed on Wooden Pallet/Crate to Worldwide. 

Transportation : For Domestic – Road Transport

                             For International – Sea or Air Freight  

Additional information

Loading Chamber

12”x12”x12”, 16”x16”x18”, 18”x18”x20”, 22"x22"x24", 24”x24”x27”, 27”x27”x30”, 30”x30”x33”

Control Panel

Touch, Keypad

Power Requirement

6 kw, 9 kw, 11 kw, 13 kw, 14 kw, 16 kw, 17 kw, 18 kw, 21 kw, 4 kw, 8 kw, 12 kw, 6.5 kw

Cubic Feet

1 Cu Ft, 2.37 Cu Ft, 3.75 Cu Ft, 6.72 Cu Ft, 9 Cu Ft, 10 Cu Ft