Single Phase 1 hp Motor with Gear Box, 220 V, 300 mm Dia Aluminum Rotating Disc, Water Collection Tray (Alu) beneath disc, Variable Speed Controller ,Reverse – Forward Knob, Max. Disc RPM 150/180/250(Optional).


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10 260 With Reverse /forward - 15 LBS SKU001/1 instock 10
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10 260 With Reverse /forward - 25 LBS SKU001/2 instock 10
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Why Our Wheel ?

Introduce Elite Model for Ceramists, student’s, hobbyist & amateurs comes with the standard features like AC Motor which is very rugged & have a long life expectancy compare to any other motor. It also contains improvised speed controller which provides very smooth drive & very efficient gearbox with no slip between two gears which means power transmitted from driving gear to driven gear has very little to no loss, which gives full power to shape their work. It also provide negligent energy lose, longer & maintenance free as well as can work in extreme temperature & high load with good amount of torque without loosing it’s efficiency.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Variable Speed

10- 260 with reverse /forward

Clay Capacity

15 LBS, 25 LBS

Motor Type

Single Phase 1 HP Motor with Gear Box

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