Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach
• Innovative Approaches: From the manner in which
the penholder is held to the development of an
entirely new system of technical approaches, this
manual offers artists the most unique and complete
instruction on how to approach Copperplate Script
• Comprehensive Direction: Artists are provided with
countless exemplars, customized guidelines,
troubleshooting insights and exhaustive exercises
and drills to allow them to fully master this ambitious
• Supplemental Resources: In addition to the premier
instruction detailed within the manual’s pages, artists
can access a broad range of tutorials online for even
more detailed insight!
• About the Author: Paul trained as a Scribe and
Heraldic Artist and went on to study Archaeological
Illustration with a specialism in Ancient Writing
Systems. His illustrative works on Egyptian
Hieroglyphs are housed in the Metropolitan Museum,
NYC and he serves as a scribe in the Crown Office,
writing official documents when people become
ennobled. Paul has also built one of the largest
social media followings in the industry.

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Copperplate Script – A Yin & Yang Approach by Paul Antonio, is an innovative, new technology applied to an historical script. The script presented in this manual is not an historical hand, but a geometric construct to aid in a more exacting understanding of the script. This construct assists with writing a cleaner and more beautiful copperplate script. The Technology reintroduces a comprehensive terminology for the parts of the letters – words used by the English Writing Masters in their Copybooks, in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, as well as additional names augmented from the historical record. Geometry and physics are used to explain how a curve works and where it sits in relation to the baseline. Learning the skeletal forms, similar to learning Roman Capitals, is a key part of the manual. The process begins with using a pencil first, followed by the nib.

The over-arching concept of the technology utilises 4Fold Symmetry. There are four facets in the. Angular Confinement, Elliptical Confinement, Continuous Movement and Variable Velocity make up the is the 4Fold Symmetry, all of which have 2 aspects; simple and complex. This new insight to the script makes for a different path from the conventional teaching approach.

Apart from the obvious Upper and Lower case, manual also covers Numbers, Punctuation, Diacritical Marks, Ligatured Letters, Brush Copperplate and Basic Principles of Flourishing. There is also a comprehensive practice-words list which will help you to work on building your understanding of writing complex letter joins. A new approach on how to space the letters and why they are the widths are accommodated with now and exciting guidelines.

This manual offers an extensive, in-depth study of Copperplate Script suitable for any level of ability, It is an extraordinary resource for the beginner, intermediate or advanced calligrapher, as well as type designers, sign writers and lettering enthusiasts.

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