• Printmaking inks created by professional printmakers.
  • Soy-based formulation delivers unmatched working properties.
  • Ink will not skin in jar or dry on your equipment.
  • Dries through absorption into paper fibers.
  • Wipes off etching plates cleanly while plenty of ink remains in grooves.
  • Easy, safe clean-up.
  • Highly pigmented for brilliant colors and intense blacks.Use for intaglio, etching, monotype, relief and collagraph printmaking

Akua Intaglio Inks only dry through absorption-they will not dry on the printing plate-and clean up easily with soap and water.


Image Variation SKU Price Status Stock Quantity Add To Cart
Cadmium Red Medium Hue IICRM 1,650.00 outofstock 0
Carbazole Violet IICV 1,750.00 outofstock 0
Crimson Red IICR 1,750.00 outofstock 0
Scarlet Red IISR 1,750.00 outofstock 0
Diarylide Yellow IIDY 1,750.00 outofstock 0
Pyrrolle Orange IIPY 1,675.00 outofstock 0
Quinacridone Magenta IIQM 1,750.00 outofstock 0
Prussian Blue Hue IIPBH 1,700.00 outofstock 0
Phthalo Green IIPG 1,700.00 outofstock 0
Phthalo Blue IIPB 1,700.00 outofstock 0
Ultramarine Blue IIUB 1,650.00 outofstock 0
Hansa Yellow IIHY 1,650.00 outofstock 0
Metallic Silver IIMS 1,650.00 outofstock 0
Metallic Gold IIMG 1,650.00 outofstock 0
Opaque White IIOW 1,650.00 outofstock 0
Titanium White IITW 1,650.00 outofstock 0
Vandyke Brown IIVB 1,550.00 outofstock 0
Red Oxide IIRO 1,550.00 outofstock 0
Yellow Ochre IIYO 1,550.00 outofstock 0
Burnt Umber IIBU 1,450.00 outofstock 0
Burnt Sienna IIBS 1,450.00 outofstock 0
Oxide Green IIOG 1,450.00 outofstock 0
Raw Umber IIRU 1,450.00 outofstock 0
Carbon Black IICB 1,600.00 outofstock 0
Lamp Black IILB 1,550.00 outofstock 0
Bone Black IIBB 1,550.00 outofstock 0
Graphite Gray IIGG 1,550.00 outofstock 0
Mars Black IIMB 1,550.00 outofstock 0
Paynes Gray SKUPM017-1 1,550.00 outofstock 0

Oil Based Intaglio Printmaking Inks ( Non Toxic)

Professional printmaker, Susan Rostow, developed Akua Intaglio Inks to delivery brilliant colors, intense blacks and unmatched working properties. Akua Intaglio Inks only dry through absorption-they will not dry on the printing plate-and clean up easily with soap and water. These inks are ideal for Intaglio/Etching, Monotype, Gel and Collagraph printmaking and can be used with Akua Liquid Pigment and select Akua Modifiers.













Additional information

236 ml Jar Color

Paynes Gray, Mars Black, Graphite Gray, Bone Black, Lamp Black, Carbon Black, Raw Umber, Oxide Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Red Oxide, Vandyke Brown, Titanium White, Opaque White, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Hansa Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Prussian Blue Hue, Quinacridone Magenta, Pyrrolle Orange, Diarylide Yellow, Scarlet Red, Crimson Red, Carbazole Violet, Cadmium Red Medium Hue

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