Since 1949

C) Painting Department :

Display System ( customized)

​For Fine Arts :
We are Selling our all products under "RAVI"Brand.

B) Pottery, Ceramic and Sculpture Studio:

Pottery Wheel
Ball Mill
Slab Roller
Pug Mill
Jar Mill
Sculpting Stand

A) Graphics/ Printmaking Studio:

Etching Press (15 Sizes )
Lithography Press (Top Lever/Collo type)
Aqua Tint Booth
Hot Plate
Drying Racks
Rubber Rollers
Leather Rollers
Zinc Plate

Printmaking Ink

Linoleum Sheets

Acrylic Paints

Printmaking Paper

For Food Industry:

Bhakarwadi Cutting Machine
Dough Making Machine
Pani Puri Roti Making Machine
Pani Puri Cutting Machine
Sugar Grinder
Icing Sugar Grinder
High Speed Mixers( For Liquid-Liquid /Liquid-Solid / Liquid-Solid-Gas)
Ribbon Mixer
Paneer Cutting Machine
​Worm Machine

Door Delivery to all over  world.

(DHL/FedEx/UPS/Bombino Express/DTDC/UK Mail)